Capturing Moments, Embracing Uniqueness



Edmonton-based photographer with a passion for capturing life’s moments, from breathtaking landscapes to vibrant concerts, including big names like Snoop Dogg and Tiesto. My unique perspective, shaped by color deficiency, offers distinct color palettes that make my work stand out. Dedicated to perfection, I continuously strive to evoke emotions and deliver high-quality, memorable photographs.

Through the Lens: A Journey of Moments and Memories

Welcome to my world through the lens, where every click and capture tells a story of its own. Based in the vibrant city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I am a photographer with a deep passion for concert/event, landscape, lifestyle, and portrait photography. My style? It’s all about the moment. Each moment brings its own unique essence, and my goal is to capture that essence, making every photograph a reflection of the world as I see it.

Silky smooth waterfall in warm colours
Aurora Borealis behind a burnt out tree in Fort McMurray Alberta

Embarking on a Photographic Voyage: From Sunsets to Stardom

My photographic odyssey commenced in the tender years of my childhood when my parents presented me with a wind-up camera—a gift that unknowingly charted the course of my future. It was during those balmy summer evenings that I first attempted to capture the breathtaking sunsets, a pursuit that nurtured my affinity for the twilight hours. There’s a certain tranquility found in the soft glow of dusk, a moment when the world appears to stand still, wrapped in a serene calm that I sought to encapsulate through my lens.

This early enchantment with seizing ephemeral moments propelled me forward, leading me to invest in my first camera in 2007. Armed with this tool, I delved deeper into the world of photography, evolving from those initial attempts to capture the day’s last light to documenting the dynamic energy of large-scale concerts and the luminance of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Tiesto. Being entrusted to immortalize such monumental events is a privilege I cherish deeply. Whether I’m amidst the fervor of a live performance or beneath the celestial dance of the aurora borealis, my mission remains the same: to capture the essence of each moment, transforming it into a lasting memory.

Embracing Uniqueness: The Artistic Beauty of Color Deficiency

However, my journey is not without its challenges. I navigate the world of photography with multiple types of colour deficiency, turning what might seem like a hurdle into a unique aspect of my art. This condition shapes my post-processing workflow, often resulting in distinctive colour combinations that set my work apart. It’s a testament to the belief that imperfections can indeed be a source of uniqueness and beauty.

A beautful golden sunset over Edmonton.
A girl sits by the Baltic sea

Pursuit of Excellence: Capturing Emotions and Beauty Beyond the Lens

In every photograph I take, I strive for perfection—not in the conventional sense, but in the ability to evoke emotions, capture beauty, and ensure the highest quality in every frame. This quest for excellence is what drives me to continually learn and improve, pushing the boundaries of my craft to provide my clients with truly remarkable work.