Who is this Guy?

I am a concert / event, landscape, lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If someone was to ask my style I would say it pertains to the moment captures. Every moment is different and so I photograph to that moment.

As a young boy my parents bought me my first wind up camera and I would spend summer evenings trying to capture the sunsets as I have grown accustom to late summer evenings and find twilight gives a certain peace for me. I have progressed to photograph some pretty large concerts and celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Tiesto. Being apart of large events I am truly honored to be trusted with such a large task. You can either see me photographing events or the aurora borealis.

I suffer from multiple types of colour deficiency making the post processing process a challenge. As a result you may get some unique colour combinations not seen else where which I believe adds a unique feel to my art.

I strive for perfection in that every photo is of high quality, gorgeous and evokes emotions, as I believe that is the center of any art form. My strive for perfection leads me to keep learning and progressing to deliver amazing work to my clients.

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